Immortal Beloved - Cate Tiernan Nastasya is an immortal party-girl who decides to change her meaningless life. The process to find herself is difficult for her and even more difficult for us. Throughout the trilogy, Nastasya talks and talks, decides and recounts, loves and hates over and over again.

The books have some good scenes and, if you manage not to be bored by the heroine, are somewhat enjoyable. If you like this book enough, and hope the ones to come are gonna be better, I'm sorry, but you are gonna be disappointed.
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - April Genevieve Tucholke The book is dark, mysterious, gothic, disturbing and amazingly written. What more can you ask?
Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell I know that the book it's a huge thing right now and everybody seems to love it, but it just wasn't for me. From the beginning till the end I found Cath, sorry but I'm gonna say it, pathetic and miserable. I tried really hard to like her and I kept expecting some things to change but nothing really did.
If you like the main character from the beginning then continue because the romance is quite ok and Levi is really sweet. But if you have strong feelings against Cath.. just don't bother..
Lover at Last - J.R. Ward It would definitely get more stars, because the story between Blay and Qhuinn was really sweet, but.. the parallel stories were too many and most of them really boring..
Clarity - Kim Harrington Clarity is different in many ways. She is different because she can pick up things by touching objects. But most importantly she is different, because she is not like all those supernatural-young-adult-heroines who drown in self-pity. The story is fast-paced, the mystery is satisfactory, although a little predictable. The author did manage though to fall in the cliche love-triangle but due to the ending I believe there is more to it, in a way that will affect the next book.

Overall a nice quick read (it took me 4 hour to finish the book).
Crown of Midnight - Sarah J. Maas I am officially mindblowned (can I say that? because seriously I can't find another word..)
Origin - Jennifer L. Armentrout Let's just say that the book has everything.. action, suspense, romance, it's funny, even though most of the times it's the forced kind of funny, and last.. it has a cliffhanger.. I fucking hate cliffhangers, especially if it's two in the row..
Vision in White - Nora Roberts It's been 2 months that I read those books and I still remember them, which is by itself a huge deal for me. I usually forget almost any romance related book in about 10 minutes.

I didn't like all of the love stories, I have given them between 2 and 4 stars, and I seriously had a snoozefest due to the many many many wedding details. I am not a fan of weddings and even as I child I can't remember ever playing or even imagining my wedding.

So why do I still remember them.. Well I've decided not to put them in the romance category but in the friendship category. The bond between these girl is amazing! The relationships and all the drama, in my opinion, takes the 2nd role in the stories.

They make you want to call your best gals and tell them everyday how much you love them.
Starcrossed - Josephine Angelini The book has so many holes in the plot, and I won't even start about the use of the greek mythology. The author decided to take only 1% of greek mythology, a 0.05% of roman one and even with that she managed to make a complete mess of things.

That should be enough to send the book to Tartarus but I've decided to turn down the greek in me and I actually kind of enjoyed the book. The thing is that I really want to know what happens next..
I've Got Your Number - Sophie Kinsella I know I have said that I would never again read anything by the author.. but.. it was a present (how little do they know me?), I was on vacations (seriously with more than 2 mojitos on the beach you can read almost anything) and all I needed was something to replace the magazines-read portion of sunbathing (seriously what is wrong with these people.. 6 euros for a magazine that I "read" in 5 minutes).

So the book was ok for a chick-lit and it was almost superb (ok, I admit it, I'm still drinking those mojitos) under the circumstances.
Breathe (Sea Breeze, #1) - Abbi Glines looooveeeeeee after two encounters.. enough said
Fifth Grave Past the Light - Darynda Jones Those books are keep getting better and better.

I've finished the book in a day, well it's not exactly difficult for me, but this time I seriously had all these things that needed to be done, but I couldn't put it down! I finished it at 2 at night and I seriously couldn't sleep from the adrenaline rush till 4!

Charley is her usual amazingly funny self. I thing I started to laugh out loud from the second page! I know many people do not like her constant witty self but for those of us who love it, I have to say, that she is even more animated than usual. Her relationship with Reyes progress and so is the general story.

I know this is not a review and more of the rumblings of a fun but you have to excuse me. What can I do? I am a sucker for a fun and sarcastic heroine.
Fallen Too Far (Too Far, #1) - Abbi Glines Ok this book will get only 2 stars because I'm afraid of karma..

Let me explain. I really like reading about bad boys. I like them in real life most of the times too. But the thing is that Rush is not a bad boy but a douschebag. He has serious issues and I think I liked him even less when he started to fall in love. So.. I liked the book, although I really don't want to admit it. But I have liked so many bad boys in books so far that I have to draw the line somewhere between rebel and totally creepy.

I am afraid that if karma has any say in it, I'll meet a guy like him and I'll be destined for murder-suicide..

By the way who marked that book as young adult??? Are you out of your minds???
Born of the Night - Sherrilyn Kenyon Oh the cheesiness.. the Cheesiness... and now that I said cheesiness I remembered another C word I read around 1000 times... cry.. I think the woman cried because toothpaste got on her hair.. ok I'm lying.. she didn't do that.. well that's because we didn't get a scene with her brushing her teeth!!!

Oh and something else, please don't start this book if you expect even a little bit of science-fiction-worldbuilding. Half the time I forgot I was reading about spaceships and with the mention of the word bay I kept thinking of sea and boats..
Remember Me - Sophie Kinsella I just have to accept it that Kinsella's books are not for me. This is my 3rd attempt and I think it will be the last.
Suddenly Royal - Nichole Chase I absolutely loved this book. It is as real as it can be under the fairytale setting. The heroine is down-to-earth kind of girl while she deals with her new status and the sudden fame. The chemistry between her and Prince Yummy, and yummy he is, jumps out of the pages. I kept thinking "for the love of god jump him already". The best part of the book is that the is no drama and no evil mother-in-law, no evil relatives nothing!! Seriously I was waiting the whole time for the other shoe to drop and some ridiculous misunderstanding to appear but.. nothing!!

I really hope there will be a sequel.