Shadow Heir (Dark Swan 4) - Richelle Mead Just finished the book and a growl just started rising..No wait..That is the residue from the previous book (with werewolves). Actually I am still in that world cause Shadow Heir just flew by. The only thing it left me is frustration. I should have expected that much after the conclusion of the Georgina Kincaid series, but nontheless I was very disappointed.
Oh many bad choices throughout the series and you still haven't learnt a thing. The first thing should have been that sometimes people need to be TERMINATED!! Secondly, you sometimes have to have a little faith. And last, it is NOT ok to hide these things (concerning the last decision she made).
Oh I forgot. I want Kiyo dead!!!!

She ends up with Dorian (liked it), doesn't tell him that the kids are actually his and she leaves them with another family (didn't like it) and Kiyo is still alive (didn't like it). Overall I am really frustrated with the ending of the series.