Switched - Amanda Hocking I have to confess that I found out about the trilogy only recently. I had to know what the hype was all about, having in mind that many of my GR friends didn't like it.

Well the first I have to say is that is not original. For me faries, trolls etc are all the same. A girl is feeling left out blabla.. finds out why she really doesn't belong blabla... princess blabla.. many hot guys.... As I said nothing original. It reminded me a lot of the Iron Fey, although it can hardly be compared.

The good thing is that is an easy read, enjoyable, with simple characters, mysteries (some not so much) and some action. The key word is easy! Sometimes you just need to read something to pass the time that can keep you entertained without trying to figure things out. Switched is like that.

If you are dealing with exams it's the perfect book for you. It's fun but you can easily put it down if you have better thing to do.