Cry Wolf - Patricia Briggs 3.5 *

After Mercy, I was reluctant to start this, thinking that surely nothing can compare. I was pleasantly surprised.

The author this time presents a very different heroine. Anna is not a badass but she is not soft either. She has an inner power and at the same time has the strength to make hard decisions without whining.

I didn't mind the love-at-first-sight-instant-mating either that many have been complaining about and I believe is due to the fact that I had read the prequel before starting this.

Another huge plus is that we learn a little more about Bran's history I still hate Leah but I get his point of view.

The only drawback in the story is the constant misunderstanding between Anna and Charles. Stop smelling each others emotions and just talk for crying out loud!!!

I can't wait to read the next book.